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May 24, 2007


Kristi T

Please send me a password! I need my fix. :)

Greta C.

I guess it's time to delurk. I found your site a few years ago when I googled Laurie Berkner concert tickets and read your hilarious "I will not be thwarted" post! Alas, my daughter has moved on to Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana, but I still enjoy reading the adventures of your little family.

Tracy Y.

Another lurker delurking. I found your site a few years ago through snarkspot. I am also a lawyer with two young children married to a lawyer and we have identical taste in books. How many people love Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy and also Garion and Ce-nedra? I love your writing! Please send me a password!


Do I get to pick my own?

Gina and Timothy

I came across Sawyer's world when googling my own daughter, Sawyer (though my Sawyer is only 2). I am a registered nurse and my husband is a Sport Psychologist. We have 3 little ones .. Alexandra who is 1, Sawyer who is 2 and Micah who is 4. We would love to be able to share in the world of a NY family as we are now on the West Coast.

Sammie Banks

hi there, yup its another lurker lol. Me and my husband Luke also have a daughter named Sawyer, but she is only 7 months old. we google blogged our names and found your site, its a firm fave and love reading about your sawyers little adventures, the disneyland themed party and the trip looked beautiful by the way.

we'd love to stay in contact with this little family, and we'd really appreciate it if youd allow us the password.

Many Thanks, keep up the good work,Sammie, Luke and Sawyer, England x

Amy Sullivan

Wow. I can't believe all the other little girl Sawyers here. Our 3 1/2 year old Sawyer loves to hear about the NYC Sawyer. We would love to be granted a password so that we can follow along with Sawyer and Luke's adventures.

Julie V.

I'm a long time fan of your blog and would love to be able to keep up with your adorable children. I came across your website when Sawyer was a baby and have enjoyed watching her grow as well as little Luke. I don't have a child named Sawyer however. I have a Cooper, Sarah Avery & a Henry.

Elethia Giff

Hi there! I haven't been raising any Sawyers of Lukes, but I came across your blog a while ago when we considered naming our daughter Sawyer(Zhara's now almost two). My whole family and I really enjoy your blogs. You keep everyone hilariously informed with every family outing and I'd just love to keep in touch.

Jamie P.

Hey Kim! I emailed you from my work email too but here is my comment! I tried to leave a comment (twice) the other day but it never would go through. Anyway, after reading for 2 years, my life would not be complete without visiting Sawyer and Luke's world!



I have loved following Sawyer and Luke's progress as they grow and hope you won't mind if I still can.
Besides Anahera and Kaya (you'd see them on my blog)I also have a granddaughter Yana and another granddaughter due in about 6 weeks.

Best wishes from New Zealand

Lyndsey Sturm

I've been reading Sawyer's World since Sawyer was a baby (back when it was linked through Sua Sponte.) You and your husband are a great inspiration for future lawyers who also want families (I just graduated from law school.) I hope I can continue to read the blog!


hi! i LOVE your blog. my husband's sister lives in westchester and they have a daughter (age 5) and son (age 2) that remind me so much of sawyer and luke! also, my husband's family are all from philly (montgomery county, not bucks) and your family really seems to parallel his.
we live in DC and i've enjoyed following your blog for the past two years.
i hope i can continue keeping up with you guys! :)

Julie H.

My children are girls, ages 5 and 2. I enjoy reading about your little ones. I'd love the user name and password so I can keep up!

Best wishes!


Hi there - I have been reading your blog for awhile now - linked from Jen Weiner - my kids love to follow the fun -- hope we can continue! :)


Username & password, please! I have been hooked on your site since my first visit about six months ago (via ALOTT5MA). (I emailed you a couple of months back to let you know how much I loved your site!) My daughter Kate is a couple of months older than Sawyer. I love reading all the Sawyer-anecdotes. I swear, most of the time it's like you're talking about Kate's East Coast soul sister. Stephanie
P.S. Based on your blog, I recently read The Time-Traveler's Wife and loved it. Can hardly wait for the movie adaptation!


Hi there! I have been reading about Sawyer (and Luke) for many months and would love to continue. I have a 5yr old daughter and 2 year old son. We are in Austin, Tx. If you wouldn't mind sharing the password, I would love to keep up with Sawyer and Luke's World! I have laughed out loud many times and it's fun to read about what life is like for a child in NYC. (How exciting to go to a Broadway show!)
Thanks so much,

Karen Simmons

Please send us a password. My son (10),Sky (almost 4) and I have enjoyed following Sawyer and Luke's antics for the past couple years. No sure how we stumbled across Sawyer's World originally.


I found your site months after Sawyer was born, since then I've been following the adventurees of the Niehaus. I live pretty far from you, I'm from Chile, SouthAmerica, and I really enjoy your stories, aswell it helps me to improove my reading in English. I hope I can still read about you and your kids, if not I understand your reasons!


Another delurker here. I have been following your site for some time now, linked over from Jen Weiner's site, I think it was way back when you emailed her about the name Sawyer and the social security name list.
LOVE the site and really enjoy all the funny adenotes.
I am a nurse practitioner from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Married last June to a pizza place owner. We are currently trying to get pregnant.


I am also a lurker, who happened onto your site via Sua Sponte when I was in law school and thinking about having a baby. I now have a son and am pregnant with my second, and my kids will be spaced at about the same interval as your two. So I'd love to be able to keep up with them if you don't mind sending a password!


I think I've responded to everyone who's thus far written or commented requesting the password - if I missed you, let me know!

Kari Wolff

I am delurking to say I have loved reading about Sawyer and then Luke. I think I found your site searching for Jennifer Weiner, but my memory could have failed. I have truly enjoyed reading for a few years. I was inspired by your monthly photos of Sawyer and borrowed your idea when my daughter Emerson was born over a year and a half ago. I would love to continue reading and being inspired by your family.


I am another delurker. I love your site and stumbled upon it through ALOTTSMA. I have an energetic 19 month old and am expecting #2. I am a transplanted NYer.

Siri Heinrichs

I found your site a few years ago when I was searching for 'growth charts' and loved the way you showed Sawyers growth in the same chair each month. I enjoy checking out your site every now and again... I have two girls, age 2.75 and 11 months and live in NJ. Thanks.

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